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Catoosa County Sheriff's Department warns of money scam

catoosa sheriff scam


The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office wants to make the citizens aware of a scam that has surfaced in the County. The caller will identify themselves... as an employee of the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office and advise the potential victim they have failed to show up for Jury Duty as directed by a summons signed by a Superior Court Judge and may even use the name of a Superior Court Judge in this Circuit. The caller states in order to take care of the issue, the potential victim is to go to the local CVS and obtain a money card so an amount of money can be collected by the caller. 

The number 803-728-4207 shows up when this call is placed. This number comes back to a voicemail in Columbia South Carolina stating you have reached the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office.

We want the Citizens to know this is not how the Sheriff's Office conducts business, and should someone fail to answer a summons signed by a Superior Court Judge in Catoosa County, a Deputy will come to your residence and make you aware of the failure to appear. 

If anyone has any questions about suspicious calls they may receive please contact the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office at 706-935-2424.

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