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Ringgold to open downtown recycling location Feb. 11

ringgold recycling center

After months of discussion and planning, the city of Ringgold will open its new downtown recycling site beginning Saturday, Feb. 11.

The site, which is located across from the Little General Children's Park at the corner of Cleveland and Lafayette streets, will give residents and local businesses the opportunity to better the environment.

After securing a container, choosing a location, and learning more about the process, the City Council decided in a Jan. 9 meeting that the facility can only be used by residents and businesses that are located inside the city limits.

Over the past few weeks, the city has erected a wooden fence around the container, and installed cameras to help monitor the site.

The container itself is 22 feet long, five feet tall, and eight feet wide, and can accommodate multiple products with no dividers in the container. When hauled off periodically by the recycling company, all the contents that have gone in will be sorted at the West Rock Recycling facility.

Acceptable items

The new Ringgold container can accept aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, magazines, folders, mail, broken-down cardboard boxes, paper milk and juice cartons, plastic bags, and plastics 1-7, which can be determined by looking at the bottom of each item.

There's also no need to remove paperclips, stamps, address labels, staples, fasteners, or rubber bands from paper materials.

Unacceptable items

The container cannot accept Styrofoam, paper to-go boxes, pizza boxes, empty aerosol cans, batteries, light bulbs, clear plastic food containers, and absolutely no glass.

City Manager Dan Wright says he's excited about the venture, and looks forward to the city becoming more environmentally friendly.

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