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Google gets more personal with search results


SAN FRANCISCO — Google is sifting through the photos and commentary on its blossoming social network so its Internet search results can include more personal information. The additional personal touches that began to roll out Tuesday mark another step toward one of Google's most ambitious goals. The Internet search leader eventually hopes to know enough about each of its users so it can tailor its results to fit the unique interests of each person looking for something.


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Romney savors NH win, hits Obama right away

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, savoring a convincing primary win in New Hampshire, declared a "historic" victory to his supporters Tuesday and immediately turned his sights on the man he would replace, President Barack Obama. "Americans know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times," a triumphant Romney told the crowd. Surrounded by his children and grandchildren, Romney focused almost entirely on the Democratic president he would face in the general election if he goes on to become the nominee.

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Erlanger approves Brexler's severance


Former Erlanger CEO Jim Brexler will receive roughly $728,000 in severance over the next 15 months, confirmed Erlanger Health System spokesperson Pat Charles on Monday. Charles said the hospital authority will pay the employer portion of Brexler’s group health insurance premium for 18 months. The authority board previously rejected a severance package for Brexler in mid-December 2011.


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Fog advisory issued for most of Georgia

ATLANTA — Dense fog reduced visibility across central and north Georgia for the second day this week, leading to a dense fog advisory for much of the state. The National Weather Service said the dense fog advisory was in effect through 10 a.m. Tuesday. Forecasters say visibility will be reduced to less than a quarter-mile, making travel treacherous on roads. The advisory covered most of the state, including all of metro Atlanta. Cities included in the advisory included Rome, Dalton, Dahlonega and Blairsville in the northern part of the state.

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