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fort ogelthorpe

Man arrested on drug charges in Fort Oglethorpe

drug arrest in fort Oglethorpe

A man is being held without bond in the Catoosa County jail after he was found in possession of methamphetamine and a gun during a routine traffic stop in Fort Oglethorpe, police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

James Robert Lawhorn, 32, of Forest Plaza Drive in Hixson, Tenn., was arrested on Feb. 19 on charges of possession of methamphetamine, operating a vehicle without a valid tag, driving while unlicensed, and probation violation.

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Kids' Day this Saturday at Moe's in Fort Oglethorpe

kids day Moe's fort oglethorpe

Come and join us at Moe's in Ft. Oglethorpe this Saturday, Sept. 17th, from 11-2 for some FREE face painting, compliments of Moe's!!...a GREAT place to eat, and a little fun too!!! Kids eat for $.99 with the purchase of an adult entree. Moe's is a family friendly restaurant! Welcom to Moe's!

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Hutcheson Medical Center May Get Bankruptcy Trustee Who Would Focus On Sale Of Fort Oglethorpe Hospital

hutcheson bankruptcy

Hutcheson Medical Center may be headed for appointment of a bankruptcy trustee, who would focus on the sale of the financially-strapped Fort Oglethorpe hospital.

An attorney told a bankruptcy court judge in Rome, Ga., on Wednesday afternoon that a buyer is discussing paying over $20 million for all the assets of the community hospital.

Attorney Rob Williamson also said that six to eight purchasers are interested in the nursing home at the hospital's main campus.

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6th Cavalry Museum to host 2015 vintage base ball games

6th calvary museum

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball (TaoVBB) is proud to bring vintage-era barehanded base ball (yes, two words) to the Chattanooga area for the 2015 season while observing the rules and customs of the 1860s.

The season’s opening matches will be Saturday, April 4, at noon between Mountain City and the Nashville Maroons. The Lightfoot Club will play the Franklin Farriers at 2:30 p.m. All games are free and open to the public.

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Rossville man arrested in Fort Oglethorpe for shoplifting

rossville man arrested in Fort Oglethorpe

An alleged shoplifter is behind bars in Catoosa County after he was charged with thefts at several locations over a five-day stretch, police say.

According to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department:

Christopher Evan Gravitt, 19, of Nawaka Avenue in Rossville was arrested Friday, Feb. 13, on three counts of shoplifting. A hold was also placed on Gravitt for probation violation out of Walker County. His bond was set at $4,050.

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City attorney not representing Fort Oglethorpe elections chief in lawsuit; council gives her $5,000 for an attorney

Fort Oglethorpe

Fort Oglethorpe council members have approved $5,000 in attorney fees for the city’s elections chief, who is embroiled in a lawsuit.

The suit, filed by citizen Steve Cooper, claims Orma Luckey was biased and abused her powers during the most recent election.

Cooper alleges Luckey should not have allowed candidate Charles Sharrock to be on the ballot for an election held in November. Sharrock was removed from his council seat in 2012 following allegations he sexually harassed female city employees.

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Citizen files appeal challenging Sharrock on ballot

fort oglethorpe shamrock appeal

A Fort Oglethorpe citizen has filed a court appeal challenging Charles Sharrock’s run for a city council seat.

City manager Ron Goulart announced the appeals filing prior to the council meeting Monday evening, Oct. 27.

Citizen Steve Cooper filed a 13-page civil suit in Catoosa County Superior Court on Monday, Oct. 27. The suit lists election superintendent Orma Luckey, Sharrock and the city of Fort Oglethorpe as defendants.

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Fort Oglethorpe DDA wants to be included in city budget

fort oglethorpe dda

The Fort Oglethorpe Downtown Development Authority is back on track with a solid five-person board.

Even though two members are new to the group, the momentum has picked up to start planning the next move. Ideas were tossed around at the DDA meeting Sept. 15.

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Fort Oglethorpe to hold special election for unexpired council term

fort oglethorpe election

In a special called meeting on Monday, Aug. 18, the Fort Oglethorpe city council approved calling a special election in November to fill the unexpired term for former council member Charles Sharrock, who was removed from office in late 2012.

According to city manager Ron Goulart, the Georgia Court of Appeals recently upheld Sharrock's ousting, leading the mayor and council to call the election for a permanent successor.

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